AR Basketball – free download in AppStore. Now!

Right after the ARKit release, Augmentaio published ARBasketball in the iOS App Store.

AR-Basketball is a new innovative Augmented Reality Basketball Game, based on Apple’s new ARKit technology.

With AR-Basketball, you shoot hoops more realistically than ever before.

Rise up to different challenges like
– Time Runner
– the famous Around the World
– and many more…

More fun game modes, like an exciting Multiplayer Mode will be coming soon.

Three different hoop sizes let you play in any environment. Whether you want to play outside with a real sized hoop or inside on the table, there are no boundaries with AR-Basketball.

NO annoying markers anymore. For AR-Basketball you just need a Mobile or Tablet that is ARKit compatible (iPhone 6+/iPad Pro and newer) and you are free to go.

Let’s shoot some hoops!