AR-Recap 4th of May 2018: HoloChess, Apple AR Glasses and Harry Potter

May the force/fourth be with you!

Today on international Star Wars day you can play the iconic HoloChess from the movies.

Speaking of games and especially board games. They might change a lot in the near future. A number of startups  making well known games more immersive. Augmented Reality will allow you to play with your friends even you are not in the same place.


We already knew it for a while that Apple is working on some hardware for AR but here are some new facts and rumors about Apples device capable of running both AR and VR:


We all know the success story of Pokemon Go. This summer four new games are up to conquer the AR Game throne. Ghostbusters World, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Jurassic World: Alive and The Walking Dead: Our World are their titles. Which will be the most successful and what opportunities will they hold?


Augmented Reality can help children with autism tap into their imagination. Ph.D. candidate Zhen Bai designed an augmented reality (AR) system that she hopes will nudge such children toward more imaginative play. Her system lets children see themselves on a computer screen as they would in a mirror. She then gives the children simple physical objects—foam blocks, for example—that appear on the screen as a car, train, or airplane. The system’s computer-vision program detects where and how the child moves the block and mimics the activity in the image on the screen. Read more about this study: