Which Areas of Application is Augmented Reality Suitable for?

Augmented reality and augmented virtuality are future technologies but already today they get employed successfully across all sectors of professional and private areas of application. In the following we want to introduce you to some examples of mixed reality solutions from different fields of business and applications.


Industry & production

In the age of „industry4.0“ the use of augmented reality (AR) enables the work with both hands while the worker is provided with all information that are necessary to fulfill his task via an „augmented reality display“.


Computer organized automatic production

Computerized machines are equipped with several circuit boards. In the industrial production on location the control and repair of faulty circuit boards can be considerably optimized and speed up by the use of augmented reality technology. The faulty circuit board is scanned and identified by a QR-Code. The digital error message reported by the system gets transmitted to the augmented reality app. Then the technician gets the circuit board with the faulty areas displayed also as a x-ray image and can execute the repair by following the displayed instructions. Additionally a specialist can assist the repair via video chat.


Computerized manufacturing

At sequences of a production where workers still have to operate manually an augmented reality app can display millimeter precise superimpositions for the next step of a procedure, prevent misplacement and therefore avoid waste.



The whole value chain of the automobile industry, called „automotive“ in short, profits a lot of the versatile application possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality. They are one more milestone on the automative industry’s way into the digital future. In the development it is often no longer necessary to produce costly prototypes. The models get designed digitally in a virtual world and the individual components get joined and optimized via an augmented reality app. Just after the virtual overall picture fulfills all the requirements the expensive production of a prototype starts. In this way the use of an augmented reality app saves a lot of time and money in the development process.


Logistics & Storage

Augmented reality offers innovative solutions especially for the picking type „pick by vision“. The picker gets crucial information displayed on his AR-glasses like for example item number, trade name, amount to be taken, storing position, storage shelf and many more. There are already data glasses that are equipped with a mini scanner module that can be used to scan bar and qr codes and thats data can be processed via an integrated Wifi-module by the storage managing system.


Real Estate / Architecture / Interior Design

From Architecture project planning to the marketing of a property to facility management – everywhere here are plenty application possibilities for augmented reality solutions. In the panning process of an architectural or interior design project apartment houses, company buildings and whole cities can be seen not only as a 3D model on screen but can be experienced in an AR application. While 360 degree apartment viewings get more and more popular in real estate marketing because they safe time and money, whole new possibilities open up due to AR applications especially for solvent clients from abroad. By the maintenance of building complexes AR replaces plans and documents on paper, simplifies the work for coworkers newly in training and shortens the service time.


Trade fair / Exhibition

The exhibit space at important trade fairs is limited and costly. Make the best use of your area with an AR application by augmenting it with virtual elements like you product in real size. You also save transportation costs by bringing along you exhibits virtually. Right now this offers a nice additional side effect: Augmented Reality glasses itself will guarantee you curious spectators,  stopping passers and therefore potential new customers that become aware of your stand.


Marketing / AR-Print

Offer potential new customers the possibility to get to know your product or service in a whole new way and let your existing clients experience them new. Enhance your brochures with virtual information that know to convince. Each selling point you can bring closer to your customer with augmented reality and will thereby be more effective. Make your print products like product catalogues, packaging, flyer, business cards or image brochures an experience with AR-Print.


Training / Instruction / Knowledge Transfer / Learning

With augmented reality you can make any environment to a gym or a class room. Via data glasses you can receive instructions for a training easily by for example superimposing virtual targets or obstacles into your field of view. Additionally athletes can see their stats or their progress. Similar the knowledge transfer works with augmented reality. Correlations can be well visualized and tasks can be worked on, solved and understood interactively. No matter if it is training or knowledge transfer: Augmented reality gives extra motivation.



In trade augmented reality unleashes a lot of potential. A crucial benefit is the direct connection of the seller to all information consigned to an item. In this way all important unique selling points are  immediately available to the sales person. In addition further suggestions for interactions can be displayed – also in real time. Furthermore it is a positive effect for commerce that sales and storage can be connected well through data glasses or similar augmented reality devices. This results in faster processes and lowers costs.



Augmented reality has a huge potential and can boost efficiency in various departments. No matter if it is in production, logistics or field service your coworkers have an easier access to documents and data through head-mounted-displays (HMD) so that the training period is shorter and productivity of you company increases. Augmented reality simplifies the collaboration of human and machine and minimizes sources of error. Already in 2015 DHL equipped their logistic workers with data glasses and increased their productivity in this way. Many more applications are  imaginable.


Games / Gamification

In the field of gaming augmented reality creates a connection between game world and reality. Via data goggles play typical graphics like opponents or collectable items get superimposed into the real world. The player immerses realistically into the game and have seemingly direct contact to what is happening in the game. A second application of augmented reality that originally descended from games is gamification. There familiar content like progress bars or stats are transferred to other areas – most of the time work.



Tourism lives of dreams. The wish for vacation is connected to many emotions. But often it happened that the holiday destination looks quite different in reality than in the catalogue. A big disappointment. Augmented reality is ideal for tourism and vacation planning because this problem can be avoided with VR-glasses in an elegant way. Already by planning your vacation, at the first contact with the tour operator you can see authentic images of the hotel or destination. The innovative technology can avoid you frustrating experiences easily.



In medicine augmented reality helps surgeons to find small target areas. Therefore AR offers the right information at any moment. The data glasses highlight an anatomical target structure in 3D and real time. Short voice commands lets you skip between 3D and 2D view, between blood vessels, bones and other tissue structures. Zooming and other forms of modification of the AR-visualization are imaginable. Moreover AR applications offer an ideal simulation of an surgery.


Product Enhancement

Industry 4.0 paired with augmented reality has a huge potential. The more flexible a product becomes the faster a company can react to market changes. Augmented reality is perfectly suitable for the processing of raw materials for example the thermic forming of textiles. Metals or substances can be revalued though glitter effects. There are many more application possibilities of product revaluation and enhancement like industrial robots. Besides mechanic product revaluation and enhancement also the digital enhancement of services is imaginable. All processes increase the value added and efficiency in a company.


Navigation / Indoor Navigation / Outdoor Navigation

Augmented reality can be used for navigation by displaying direction signs and other symbols. For pedestrians AR city guides or indoor navigation apps offer helpful orientation on confusing locations such as airports, shopping malls or stadiums. Many automobile manufacturers already experiment with head-up-displays, that shall guid drivers the way. For filter aircrafts head-up-displays are already in use.