Augmentaio at the Internet World Expo in Munich

Two weeks ago the Augmentaio team was at the Internet World Expo in Munich. This Expo with more than 17.000 visitors focused on E-commerce and new forms of marketing. It is the largest E-Commerce event in Europe and it is growing as fast as the trading volume of online trades. 2017 e-commerce was able to increase 10,9% of gross turnover to 58 billions euros. Multi-channel retailers are especially successful. They increased sales 21% to about 20 billions euro which means they sold 3,5 billion euros more than in 2016. Augmented Reality can really create value in this context as it is a way to connect the real world with the digital world. It was great talking to so many people about Augmented Reality and giving a hands on experience on some apps we created. Here are some photos that might give an impressions. Furthermore Sascha Kiener CEO of Augmentaio gave a presentation about “AR as a New Form to Consume Information”.