AR-Recap 26th of June 2018: USDZ, Soccer Playing Bears & Free AR Courses

It is time again to have a look what happened in the Augmented Reality World!


Apple and Pixar created a new file format for augmented reality on your phone

At its WWDC conference earlier this month, Apple announced that it has teamed up with Pixar to develop a new file format called USDZ, which the upcoming iOS 12 operating system will natively support. USD stands for Universal Scene Description, and it’s a file format that’s fundamental to Pixar’s 3D animation process. USDZ takes the concept one step further and packages all the USD elements an application needs to display that 3D object, and combines them into a single, uncompressed zip file. Each USDZ file is an archive full of individual elements that applications can reference in real time to make an object appear on a screen and in augmented reality situations. It is a huge step to have a standardized file format for AR Experiences. Apple announced that it’s partnering with Adobe to integrate the USDZ format into the Creative Cloud apps like the ubiquitous photo editing app Photoshop and its 3D compositing software, Dimension. Read more about this:


AR creation tools by Adobe

“Augmented Reality could be bigger than the web”, says Adobe executive Scott Belsky. They had been working on Project Aero a tool to create graphics for this big new world. Developers can take graphics they’ve created in Photoshop, export them to Aero, and then from there embed them into apps. Adobe Aero is in testing phase and Adobe says it’ll be released next year. More:


Google offers free class on how to create AR experiences

Speaking of creating AR experiences: Google offers a free Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore on the online learning platform Coursera. The 15-hour program teaches how to use ARCore and resources like Google’s own Poly object library. More:


Magic Leap One made it’s first TV appearance

On a Brazilian television show about the Fifa World Cup the host Tiago Leifert wears the Magic Leap One headset and the Lightpack hip-mounted module. While he speaks about Augmented Reality a trio of animated characters appear in front of him. The characters, two bears and one which appears to be Brazilian professional soccer player Neymar, play soccer in the middle of the television studio. This is the first time a Magic Leap One appears on TV. So is the public release close?


PayPal Secures Patent for Augmented Reality Glasses

Online payment providing service PayPal wants to be ready for the future when AR glasses are commonly used. The company filed some patents targeting AR use cases. One is called Augmented Reality View of Product Instructions, which was issued to PayPal in late April. This patent protects a method by which an augmented reality view of an identified object is generated to include promotional material, recommendations, location to purchase the product and product instructions from a database correlated with the object. This technology enables the user’s ability to access information related to a product by creating an augmented reality in which users may be able to see product and service reviews and listings associated with buyers and sellers, recommendations, and product tutorials. Read more about this here: