AR-Recap 4th of July 2018: Multiplayer AR, Light Projections & Serena Williams

We already know the company Niantic very well from the first AR Gaming hit Pokemon Go. Now location-based gaming pioneer Niantic has offered a preview of its augmented reality cloud platform that could change the immersive content game yet again. The Niantic Real World Platform for mobile apps will enable multiplayer, cross-platform augmented reality experiences and facilitate an environmental understanding of occlusion. This means your pokemon can hide behind trees now. They also revealed a look into their multiplayer puzzle game Tonehenge, which really looks promising. Read more about this on their blog:


A nice spin on augmented reality comes from a company called Lightform. To experience it you don’t need AR glasses or mobile devices. The Lightform is a device that pairs with your projector and your work-station (a desktop or laptop). It captures the surfaces ahead of it, detecting objects, and allowing you to layer incredibly accurate animations on them, via a projector and an incredibly easy-to-use software. Read more:


You can now play Tennis against Serena Williams in the Snapchat app. New Snapchat AR lens combines with Bitmoji for AR battle against Tennis champion to celebrate the start of Wimbledon. The AR battle against Williams is part of Snapchat’s first celebrity partnership for an interactive 3D bitmoji lens. In order to play, Snapchat users will need to link their Bitmoji accounts with Snapchat. Read more: